Fresh, hot tea delivered to your doorstep

With a breeze of tea stores and tea boutiques opening up in every corner, it's delightful to see so much variety of teas since most people in Delhi have been regular tea drinkers. And although many national and international coffee shops opened up a few years ago, the demand for tea shops is finally being … Continue reading Fresh, hot tea delivered to your doorstep


In Love With Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli was first launched in 2005, in Mumbai and soon unfurled to the poshest localities of the city of dreams, with style and a charisma and charm of its own. If you've ever been to Colaba, and experienced the Indigo escapade, you would surely agree that there's nothing better; the pure serenity, the prepossessing … Continue reading In Love With Indigo Deli

Tea Time at Tea Trails Café

Indian culture has always had a strong and consistent tea culture. Although the South of India produces and consumes more coffee, the rest of the country has always been tea friendly. And with the growing population of green tea drinkers, teas have found a special place in restaurant menus. There has also been an upheaval … Continue reading Tea Time at Tea Trails Café