Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation

It's quite intriguing and wonderful how Barbeque Nation comes up with something new to keep the momentum going, every 3 months. And this time, it is the Smokin Sizzler Festival! The ambiance is always altered a bit according to the festival to bring that feel and warmth to the customers. The service is always impeccable, … Continue reading Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation


Fresh, hot tea delivered to your doorstep

With a breeze of tea stores and tea boutiques opening up in every corner, it's delightful to see so much variety of teas since most people in Delhi have been regular tea drinkers. And although many national and international coffee shops opened up a few years ago, the demand for tea shops is finally being … Continue reading Fresh, hot tea delivered to your doorstep

The best go-karting arena in India

Smaaash PitStop BrewPub is one of those places where you can spend an entire day, either for a family outing or for spending time with friends. You can either opt for Sky-Karting, which really is a multi-level go karting track with top of the line equipment and track and all safety measures taken care of, … Continue reading The best go-karting arena in India

Warmth of the Winter Menu!

  Winters are the time when all you want to do is eat. And what better than some delicious and warm Indian food! Indian Grill Room is now totally equipped with lip-smacking cuisines and the cosy dining option to bring you a delicious warmth. The in-house cooking magicians of Indian Grill Room have crafted the the Winter Special … Continue reading Warmth of the Winter Menu!

New Offerings at Zambar

South Indian cuisine in Delhi is colossally dominated by restaurants serving run-of-the-mill dishes such as Idli, Dosa, Uthapam and the like. Although, we all love these beautiful and delicious dishes, there's a lot more to explore and taste. Zambar brings the splendour and warmth of the south Indian cuisine to Delhi in many forms; Namely, Chettinad, … Continue reading New Offerings at Zambar

Brunch at Cafe Amaretto

Amaretto; a sweet alcoholic drink made of almonds. And so Cafe Amaretto would be the kind of cafe which makes you feel the warmth and sweetness, yet the nuttiness just like the drink it is named after. And it definitely delivers. The place is surely warm and welcoming, with beautiful white interiors. It is also … Continue reading Brunch at Cafe Amaretto

Twigly to the Rescue!

Working hard, for long hours and slogging through the corporate structure, majorly tired of the unpleasant office food? Then TWIGLY is the answer. Quite similar to FreshMenu, which I had been using earlier, it has a daily changing menu, with healthy alternatives each day taking care of your salad, sandwich, pasta and dessert cravings to … Continue reading Twigly to the Rescue!