New Entrant in The Himalayan Cuisine Category

The Himalayan cuisine has reached a large market and gained popularity in the Delhi restaurant industry in the past few years, and since there are only a few known joints serving this cuisine, there is a lot of scope for new entrants. The newest in this category of food and beverages is Druk, located in … Continue reading New Entrant in The Himalayan Cuisine Category


Depot48: Legacy Continued!

Carrying forward the legacy of Depot29, is Depot48 but with its own unique twist, creating standards and reaching heights of itโ€™s own. The USP of this place, other than food, is the special place given to music. There is a special gig every Saturday night, bringing the biggest artists/bands of the music industry onto the … Continue reading Depot48: Legacy Continued!

Doner Grill; Transcending Foreign Chains

Doner Grill; a Turkish concept, but an Indian mind. This place opened up last year, first at Greater Kailash 1 and then expanded to other areas such as Saket (in the food court), Hauz Khas Village (which is their biggest outlet with a large seating capacity) and then the newest one at Punjabi Bagh. So … Continue reading Doner Grill; Transcending Foreign Chains