New Entrant in The Himalayan Cuisine Category

The Himalayan cuisine has reached a large market and gained popularity in the Delhi restaurant industry in the past few years, and since there are only a few known joints serving this cuisine, there is a lot of scope for new entrants. The newest in this category of food and beverages is Druk, located in … Continue reading New Entrant in The Himalayan Cuisine Category


Late Night Hunger Pangs Sorted!

It's a well know fact that in Delhi, when you're super hungry at 2am or 3am, you have to undoubtedly rely on the maggi packet lying around at home, and well, if you didn't stock yourself beforehand, it'll be a task to find decent food from a restaurant. And imagine if you have friends over, … Continue reading Late Night Hunger Pangs Sorted!

Get Healthy With Getafix!

With growing obesity and many more health problems and the trend of eating out, there’s been a grave need for health cafes that not only serve healthy food, but that is delicious too. One such café is Getafix. Located in the Greater Kailash 1, M block market, this café is a funky and cool one … Continue reading Get Healthy With Getafix!

Gastronomica: For The Love Of Wine, Black and World Cuisine

Gastronomica; they say there’s a story behind everything, and so there’s a lovely story behind this place too. On my visit to Gastronomica, I got into talks with the owner, Mr. Sumit Goyal, who’s present at the outlet on most days, and understood the entire story behind this amazing place! So the interiors are of … Continue reading Gastronomica: For The Love Of Wine, Black and World Cuisine