2 Bros Kitchen: Momos, and so much more!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says 2 Bros Kitchen is, Delhi's favourite and probably the most popular and loved dish, Momos! Now like any other Delhiite, I'm crazy about momos, and I've tried almost all popular ones, from Hunger Strike to Dolma Aunty and the likes. And of course I have … Continue reading 2 Bros Kitchen: Momos, and so much more!


Happy Hakka: Food Review

The name Happy Hakka is justified, since this place delivers delicious pan asian food, timely. And at a very reasonable price too. I tried a number of dishes, some were great and definitely worth ordering again, while some where a little disappointing. But overall, I'd say I had a good experience. Veg Dimsum Platter: Since … Continue reading Happy Hakka: Food Review

The Last Mughal

Slowly and steadily, the demand for dine-in is shifting to delivery, and new demand, rather new supply for the already existing demand for late night delivery is being generated. The new entrant in this segment is The Last Mughal operating out of Shahpur Jat. First of all, it's very difficult to find a North Indian … Continue reading The Last Mughal

Best Dimsums Ever!

Serving delectable asian food for years and doing a fabulous job at that, Asian Haus has now disintegrated into 2 separate delivery outlet names. One serving all asian food barring sushi, called Asian Haus and the other specialising in sushi, called Sushi Haus. I ended up trying Asian Haus and had a great meal. Their … Continue reading Best Dimsums Ever!

Twigly to the Rescue!

Working hard, for long hours and slogging through the corporate structure, majorly tired of the unpleasant office food? Then TWIGLY is the answer. Quite similar to FreshMenu, which I had been using earlier, it has a daily changing menu, with healthy alternatives each day taking care of your salad, sandwich, pasta and dessert cravings to … Continue reading Twigly to the Rescue!

Healthful Food by Health Nuts!

Health Nuts is a newly opened delivery outlet for the health and calorie conscious with a menu so refreshing and dishes so delicious that I could certainly order from it every other. And of course for all the corporate virtuosos, it's an option to savour! The menu is expansive and interesting with dishes such as … Continue reading Healthful Food by Health Nuts!

Happy Delivery by Happy Hakka!

Last week, on a rainy day, I decided to order some Chinese food and since I hadnโ€™t tried Happy Hakka yet, and having passed by it a number of times, I decided to order from it. At first I wasnโ€™t sure if theyโ€™d deliver in the heavy rains but they assured me that they were … Continue reading Happy Delivery by Happy Hakka!