Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation

It's quite intriguing and wonderful how Barbeque Nation comes up with something new to keep the momentum going, every 3 months. And this time, it is the Smokin Sizzler Festival! The ambiance is always altered a bit according to the festival to bring that feel and warmth to the customers. The service is always impeccable, … Continue reading Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation


A Regional Delight!

Rajasthali is the new entrant in the regional cuisine category, serving some mouth watering and delightful Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies. I'm well accustomed to the likes of Rajdhani or Kathputli and of course the regional restaurants at Dilli Haat and in the Bhawans, and even tried this cuisine on my travels to Jaipur and Ahmedabad, … Continue reading A Regional Delight!

The hottest lounge in Delhi..

HotMess is one of those few restaurants that I was really looking forward to, considering the fact that there’s a new restaurant opening up each week, with the restaurant industry growing at a never ending, superfast pace, with innovation never backtracking, giving food that isn’t just food anymore, but a way of life. And did … Continue reading The hottest lounge in Delhi..

Tea Time at Tea Trails Café

Indian culture has always had a strong and consistent tea culture. Although the South of India produces and consumes more coffee, the rest of the country has always been tea friendly. And with the growing population of green tea drinkers, teas have found a special place in restaurant menus. There has also been an upheaval … Continue reading Tea Time at Tea Trails Café

The Enchantment of Farzi Café

The magic of Farzi is perdurable. From Cyber Hub, Gurgaon to Connaught Place, it’s been an enchanting journey for anyone who’s ever visited Farzi Café. Molecular Gastronomy was just a distant dream in India and then one day it became a reality and took everyone by surprise; Farzi became the talk of the town and … Continue reading The Enchantment of Farzi Café

Continued Innovation at Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard! I finally get why the name is so. Remember those olden golden days when there were big houses, like the ones on Hanuman Road or Sundar Nagar with a courtyard at the back and a big beautiful tree at the centre and a flight of stairs leading to an open wonderful terrace where … Continue reading Continued Innovation at Unplugged Courtyard

House of Commons: The Newbie in CP

House of Commons is a newbie in the M block of the ever growing and happening Connaught Place area of Delhi. It commenced operations only a month ago and is doing quite well already. It’s a great place to go out with friends, in large groups for a drink or two. It also offers sheesha, … Continue reading House of Commons: The Newbie in CP