Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation

It's quite intriguing and wonderful how Barbeque Nation comes up with something new to keep the momentum going, every 3 months. And this time, it is the Smokin Sizzler Festival! The ambiance is always altered a bit according to the festival to bring that feel and warmth to the customers. The service is always impeccable, … Continue reading Something’s Sizzling at Barbeque Nation


Perfection Attained by Indian Grill Room

Discovering Indian Grill Room was like finding a diamond in a bag full of emeralds and I think we all agree that if you had to choose between the two stones, diamond would be the first choice. Hence, in a sea of restaurants, Indian Grill Room had managed to carve a niche for itself and … Continue reading Perfection Attained by Indian Grill Room