New in Town: The Orb

The Orb is the novel and chic bar at the Radisson Blu Plaza on NH-8, and is surely a riveting change from the antiquated colonial style bar, Savannah, which of course has proved to be a gripping success over the years. The idea of The Orb is to cater to the younger crowd and serving the new demand and the new market. Over the years, the thought and pattern behind bars has changed and it’s immensely important to keep up with the trend and The Orb does the deed!

The cocktail menu is a fascinating one, with some signature drinks seen nowhere else, such as Khopdi: an Old Monk based drink served in an intriguing skull container with some fireworks and a beautiful red hat to seal the deal, or Reflection: a bourbon based drink served with a mirror to live up to the name and of course some more fireworks. The cocktail menu and food menu are overall concise with some great options to choose from. Although, I would surely love if they could add some wine or beer based cocktails as well!

I tried the following items from the menu:

Chamba Booti: a smooth drink with lots of ice and a hint of kaffir lime, just giving it that extra push of deliciousness.

Rajkumar: another smartly named cocktail, flavoured with sweet pan. This one would definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Chili Chocolate Bunny: it was like a delicious chocolate milkshake, only with alcohol adding a little warmth and buzz to it. A must try!

Spiced Masala Peanuts: quick service and the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail.

Mushroom, Tomato and Jalapeno Quesadilla: the quesadillas were rather healthy with the use of whole wheat flour for the bread, and the filling was delicious. I quite liked the salsa and the sour cream served along with it.

Orb Special Pizza: the curst was paper thin and the flavour combination was just perfect.

Overall, I had a great time and would surely recommend The Orb!

The Orb - Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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