Here’s where you can find a delicious beetroot burger!

Civil House, the new kid on the block, takes you back to the Victorian Era in all its elegance, style, beauty and warmth with its Victorian furniture, its melodious music, its outdoor seating and its lovely terrace. It is simple yet chic. And the music, well, it’s soothing and light to the ears, obverse to the liking of most these days. Yet it carries its own charm and enigma.

The food menu is delightful, with some remarkable vegetarian options and the dishes have been crafted with great thought and innovation. I tried the following dishes:

Broccoli and Asparagus Soup: A creamy, flavoursome bowl of soup with the goodness of broccoli and asparagus and lots of pepper.

Crispita with two dips: Crispy pita bread, a refreshing change in terms of the taste, served with bell pepper hummus and avocado dip. My favourite was the bell pepper hummus.

Watermelon and Feta Stack: A classic and popular salad that was done wonderfully and presented well. Of course, it had all those regular elements such as rocket leaves and pine nuts.

Beetroot Feta and Walnut Burger: Again, a popular combination but it was a great idea to do a burger patty with beetroot and topping it with some delicious hummus changed the game completely. I absolutely loved this dish and would surely recommend the same to all fellow foodies.

Hazelnut and Ganache Torte: The torte had all the elements of a complete dish. It was crispy, it was creamy and most of all it was light and delectable.

Hot Toddy: This was the first time that I tried Hot Toddy so I have no point of comparison. However, I loved the flavours and it was well balanced with none of the elements overpowering the others.

Overall, I had a fabulous experience!

Civil House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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