Warmth of the Winter Menu!


Winters are the time when all you want to do is eat. And what better than some delicious and warm Indian food! Indian Grill Room is now totally equipped with lip-smacking cuisines and the cosy dining option to bring you a delicious warmth. The in-house cooking magicians of Indian Grill Room have crafted the the Winter Special Menu to serve each and every growing palate here! The Winter warmth includes Lemon Coriander Chicken, Lemon Garlic Grill Fish, Subz Galawat, Chilly Garlic Noodles, Paneer Garam Masala, Corn Chimichanga, Handi Meat and Vegetable in Almond Sauce.

These mouth-watering cuisines do not give one, a way of escapade! Winters are an excuse for munching upon some food! And Indian Grill Room is the perfect choice.

From the delectable starters, with palatable flavours, warm spices and colourful vision, the paneer, the soya, the mushroom, the chicken and the fish, everything has been done well and is the perfect cure for the winter chill.

My experience at the India Grill Room was an amazing one and I would surely recommend the same!


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