Best Dimsums Ever!

Serving delectable asian food for years and doing a fabulous job at that, Asian Haus has now disintegrated into 2 separate delivery outlet names. One serving all asian food barring sushi, called Asian Haus and the other specialising in sushi, called Sushi Haus. I ended up trying Asian Haus and had a great meal.

Their packaging is quite efficient and well thought of, especially for dimsums. The delivery system works well too, ensuring timely delivery. The food, which is the most important bit, is great too!

I tried the following dishes:

Vegetarian Dimsum Set –

Pak Choy Corn Dumplings: My most favourite dumplings of the meal, rather the best dimsum I’ve had, the pak choy dumpling was delicious. It was melt in the mouth good and full of flavour.

Spinach Mushroom Crystal Dumpling: First of all, I want to commend them for making such perfect dumplings. The dumpling sheet was too good to be true, definitely the best I’ve seen. And the filling was delicious.

Orient Veg Dumpling: The colour at first sight was quite striking and the taste was pretty good.

Mixed Veg Dumpling: Although my least favourite of the lot, these dumplings were delicious.

Although the dimsums were perfect, the sauce wasn’t. I wouldn’t mind if I were given more variety in sauces and the taste could be worked on too.

Black Pepper Vegetables: A decent vegetable curry with good flavours. However, the main course didn’t live up to the expectations created by the perfect dimsums.

Thai Basil Fried Rice: The rice were aromatic and the taste of basil was quite evident, in a good way.

Hawker Fried Garlic Noodles: The noodles tasted pretty good.

Japanese Udon Noodles: This dish was disappointing. The udon noodles in itself weren’t impressive. And since I have had udon noodles from a lot of places, I didn’t find these too appetising. The soup in itself was not good at all.

Overall, I’d say I’m definitely ordering again because I absolutely loved the dimsums!

Asian Haus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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