Masala Library by Zorawar Kalra

So often, we Indians admire and cherish the mediocre restaurants and the mediocre cuisines that have been prevalent since time immemorial, which continue to rise and expand, with new venues, cafés, bars, lounges, fine dine restaurants opening up every single day and just with that wave, we’ve accepted this mediocrity of the Delhi restaurant industry without bothering ourselves with the high International standards created by and prevailing at restaurants worldwide. And Masala Library, standing alone and strong, on the posh Janpath road, reminds us of what there is, and what we should start expecting from restaurants in Delhi.

The dimly lit, spaciously mapped and beautifully presented Masala Library is a real gem. The ambiance is beguiling, the service is flawless and the food, well, the food is inspiring!

I was fortunate enough to try their 19-course Chef’s Tasting Menu and would surely recommend the same. Here are a few highlights from the palate and soul fulfilling Tasting Menu:

Maddur Vada with Rasam: The tiny bite of maddur vada was a flavour bomb and the rasam was spot on.

Deconstructed Samosa: Our server specifically asked us to finish the dish in 2 bites to get the real taste of the beautifully looking deconstructed samosa and we surely did.

Farmer’s Staple: The delicious bajra roti with a stuffing of caramelised onion served with homemade white butter was an experience in itself, and a delightful one at that!

Nadir Choorma: An elegant looking lotus stem, placed on top of a stone. It was nothing less than a piece of art that tasted great too.

Shroom: A medley of different types of mushrooms cooked delectably.

Mushroom Chai: Mushroom Consomme, dehydrated mushroom and truffle oil shavings, resembling water, tea leaves and sugar respectively played in beautifully. It is a unique concept that has been executed perfectly.

Saag with Gatta: There’s nothing regular about Masala Library so how could the saag be? Well, the addition of kale just lifted the dish to a whole new level and the gatta was superb. One of my favourites from the 19-course menu.

Kadi Risotto: An innovative concept and execution that tasted delicious.

Dhokla: The dhokla was soft, spongy and cooked well served along with a nice gravy.

Jalebi Caviar: Somewhere between a jalebi and a ladoo, this dessert was absolutely amazing along with the saffron foam and the finger-licking rabri.

Dark Chocolate Mousse: The bitter and delicious dark chocolate mousse was heavenly, paired beautifully with plum bits.

Ashen Kulfi: This dessert was a complete surprise. From the concept, to the colour, to the taste, everything screamed innovation out loud.

I had a spellbinding experience at Masala Library and I would suggest you go check out the Chef’s Tasting Menu too!

Masala Library Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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