Truly Enchanted!

ENCHANTING. The one word that describes the Farzi experience from the moment you step out of the elevator on to the second floor, where Farzi takes over with its charm. The voguish ambiance, the heart warming hospitality, the sprightly atmosphere with the chittering and chattering of patrons, the au courant menu that promises a veritable expedition of molecular gastronomy, everything commingles rhythmically. And now, with the addition of the beautiful and elegant terrace, Farzi Cafe is all set to manifest higher standards. And that’s not all that is new. There have been some heavenly additions to the food as well as cocktail menu. So get ready to be Farzified!

My journey began with the customary palate cleanser. The delicious Mishti Doi burst in the mouth is sure delightful, of course to be followed by that not only satisfy the palate, but also warm the heart. Mozzarella Sticks were the first to arrive and the presentation was spot on. The little bicycle holders that they use are still so pleasant to the eye. The taste was very enjoyable, especially with the tamarind and chilly chutney on the side. Bombay Bhel 2.0 was a sweet surprise and a healthful one. Using dalmote was such an innovative idea and making it taste so palatable deserves a pat on the back. Mirchi ka Pakore sounds like a regular dish but when you’re at Farzi, there sure is more. The mirchi was stuffed with some warm melting cheese that made me go in back for more and more. The Tandoori Paneer Salad was again such a wonderful dish, and this time the source of amazement was the use of french beans between the thin layers of paneer. A truly delicious dish.

Along with the toothsome starters, I decided to sip on two sublime cocktails that are new to the menu and highly recommended by the server. The first one was the Gulab Jamun Cocktail. It did sound a bit eccentric to me at first, but the warm and delicious taste changed my opinion. The second one was Highway style cocktail, which was again vodka based and it truly lived up to the highway vibe. Presented on a manji and served in a copper mug, it was a nice and refreshing cocktail and my favourite for the night.

Then came the main course. I tried the Wok Tossed Vegetables in Cashew Gravy which was so delectable that I finished every last bite from the serving plate. The dessert wrapped up the meal perfectly. The thin layered chocolate ball with a filling of soufflé and nuts, topped with a rabri like warm sauce poured right at the table, to break down the delicious chocolate ball, everything in this dessert was bang on. I completely wiped out the plate and loved every bit of it.

This experience is going to stay with me for a while, and I’m definitely visiting again soon.. Especially for the lovely terrace and yes, for the food!

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