Brunch at Cafe Amaretto

Amaretto; a sweet alcoholic drink made of almonds. And so Cafe Amaretto would be the kind of cafe which makes you feel the warmth and sweetness, yet the nuttiness just like the drink it is named after. And it definitely delivers. The place is surely warm and welcoming, with beautiful white interiors. It is also a gallery, so you can enjoy the delicious food and also savour the art work on the walls, which is also for sale. The tables and chairs are laid out at the perfect distance to ensure privacy, and yet not too far so as to ensure maximum capacity for a small place like this. The menu is again warm, and innovative. They have a breakfast menu, which I wasn’t able to try, however the regular menu has some real creativity going on. However, I wasn’t quite impressed with their plating and presentation and would surely love if they work on this particular aspect.

Coming to the food, I tried the following dishes:

Assorted Multigrain Bruschetta: Now when I order a bruschetta, I expect it to be really fresh and delicious, and unfortunately this one didn’t deliver on the freshness. I understand that they didn’t want to do the regular tomato bruschetta only, but even if they’re using different types of toppings, they just cannot afford to overcook them. The bread however was good.

Green Apple, Beetroot and Rocket: I absolutely loved the salad; it was fresh, the combination was perfect, it was filling yet light.

Pumpkin Risotto: As soon as I saw this dish on the menu, I knew I just had to order it. It’s quite a unique dish and I haven’t seen it elsewhere. And surprisingly, it was good. The arborio rice was cooked well, the pumpkin wasn’t too sweet and the parmesan crisps really lifted the dish.

Amaretto’s Dessert Platter-Salted Caramel, Ricotta Cheesecake & Tiramisu: I completely loved each and every dessert and this platter was surely the highlight of the meal for me. Of course I do have a massive sweet tooth, but a sweet ending like this is really great.

The salted caramel was perfect, it had the perfect caramel flavour, not to sweet and the chocolate base balanced it out.

The ricotta cheesecake was creamy and cheesy and the little bit of strawberry sauce on top did wonders.

The tiramisu again was scrumptious, I could finish the whole piece all by myself. I just couldn’t get enough of this dessert.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my experience at Cafe Amaretto.

Cafe Amaretto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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