Healthful Food by Health Nuts!

Health Nuts is a newly opened delivery outlet for the health and calorie conscious with a menu so refreshing and dishes so delicious that I could certainly order from it every other. And of course for all the corporate virtuosos, it’s an option to savour!

The menu is expansive and interesting with dishes such as multi grain khichdi, roasted bell pepper and sundried tomato soup, kale avocado quinoa salad and the likes that it’s such a rejuvenating change from the regular salads, pastas, pizza etc. The menu extensively displays the nutritional value of each and every dish along with the calorie count. The most exciting bit is the breakfast menu which has dishes like methi chilla and chocolate quinoa porridge in addition to the regular parfait menu, which is anything but regular. The options are so delectable and healthy that you’d be absolutely guilt free after having any of them.

The delivery service is efficient, although, since the delivery boys are new, they wouldn’t know all the locations in Gurgaon but with a little bit of help, they’ll ensure that the food reaches you fresh and properly packed. The packaging is good, and the delivery boys carry ice packs with them for guaranteed freshness.

I ordered the following dishes:

Kale Avacado Quinoa Salad: There is a major dearth of Kale, an extremely healthy leafy vegetable, in Indian cooking, which is mainly due to the lack of supply. But it’s one of the more delicious leaves. Combined with Avacado, Quinoa and a sweet Tahini dressing, it made for a great healthful salad.

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak: This dish was so good that I could single-handedly finish the entire portion, which was quite large. The cottage cheese steak itself was delicious, with the pesto filling and the creamy, rich gravy with it was astounding. The accompaniments of grilled veggies and brown rice just added that extra edge and proved to be the most delicious recipe to good health.

Zucchini Noodles And Whole Wheat Spaghetti: This was spaghetti with a twist, and a delectable twist at that. The thinly cut zucchini noodles were so delicious and added a different dimension to the whole wheat spaghetti.

Choco Oatmeal Smoothie: Although thicker than I’d like, the taste and nutrition was right there. The addition of sunflower seeds was a great thought.

I would surely recommend you to try this place at least once!

Health Nuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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