Disappointed at Cafe Wanderlust

Café Wanderlust had been one of my favourite cafes in the city because of many reasons. Be it the low lying seats, the tantalising hammock, the various travel books or just the soothing music, it all worked in symphony to create a homely, comfortable and peaceful environment.

But not anymore. My latest experience was disastrous enough to keep me away from it for ever. Here’s what happened:

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning and I decided to drive up to Gurgaon just so I would be able to have their widely popular Thunder Shakes. It was breakfast time and breakfasts in Gurgaon are a big thing. It’s actually kind of nice to see, because Delhi isn’t exactly a breakfast oriented city. So one has to go to Gurgaon to satisfy any breakfast cravings. I reached at around 10:30, but I was only let in at 10:45. I sat down and the first thing I ordered was the chocolate thunder shake. Along with that to eat, I ordered Bun Maska and mushroom and cheese pancakes.

Although, the thunder shake managed to create the hype that it did, it lacked taste. It was probably one of the worst shakes I’ve ever had, in terms of taste. I wasn’t even impressed with the presentation. I mean if we’re finally bringing this concept, why not do it properly? The Bun Maska was okay, well it was edible. although it was a bit too salty for me, but still at least it was better than having the shake. From here things just got worse. I had specifically ordered a mushroom pancake, which was on the menu, however the server decided to bring me a banana and nutella pancake. And guess why? Because they didn’t know that there was a mushroom pancake on the menu. No one knew, neither the servers, nor the chef. It was quite shocking but anyway, they decided to give me a crepe instead which obviously took ages to come. And when it did reach the table, the taste was just not there.

And it wasn’t just the food that made my visit such a disappointment. It was the bad attitude of the staff. While I was sitting there reading a book, I heard the kitchen staff screaming. And the reason was that a guest at the cafe had ordered a shake and didn’t like the taste and wanted them to add something to it. I heard the kitchen staff screaming, and saying that the guest didn’t know a thing and that the server should take the shake back as it is. This place surely needs a change of staff!

Well, at least I’m not going back here ever again!

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