Depot48: Legacy Continued!

Carrying forward the legacy of Depot29, is Depot48 but with its own unique twist, creating standards and reaching heights of it’s own. The USP of this place, other than food, is the special place given to music. There is a special gig every Saturday night, bringing the biggest artists/bands of the music industry onto the stage of Depot48. The interiors are typically done to make sure that sound travels in a certain way. It helps minimize the noise being made at every table and the music playing in the background so as to ensure that every table has privacy and guests can talk amongst each other. Even otherwise, the tables are laid out beautifully and the whole place has a feel good factor.
The menu has been curated by celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia herself and so it has a very strong influence from the menu at Depot29. However, there are a number of additions to give it that edge. The cocktail menu too is quite different and nice.

My food journey at Depot29 began with a complimentary salsa and lavaash being served at the table, which is followed across all tables. At first I assumed that the salsa was being served with the regular tortilla chips but I was quite surpirised when I realized that they served it with lavaash instead. And the best part was, that they went very well together.

To start, I ordered the Spanish Artichoke and Spinach Dip with Tortilla Chips and Zucchini, Olives and Jack Cheese Quesadilla.
The dip was heavenly, nothing like I’d ever eaten before. It was simple, plain delicious. It had a certain kind of warmth that is so comforting. The quesadillas were made with not just refined flour but with a little bit of gram flour, which added to the taste in a unique way. The filling, too, was extremely delicious.
I also ordered drinks along with the food. Ginflower, I’d say is one of their best cocktails. It was a blend of guava juice, elderflower and lime juice. It was perfectly balanced and the taste was bang on; one of the best cocktails I’ve had in the past few months.
After that, I ordered a Vegetarian Slider Platter, which consisted of Vada Burger, Jackfruit Burger and Mushroom & Quinoa Burger. The Vada Burger was of course comfort food. The Jackfruit Burger was surprisingly good. At first, I wasn’t even convinced that it was vegetarian; it’s amazing how they’ve made jackfruit so delicious. The Mushroom & Quiona Burger too was delectable.
And to culminate the fabulous meal, I got waffles half and half, Chocolate with Caramelised Nuts and Wild Berry Compote & Mascarpone Cheese. The waffles were simply great. They were thick, crispy from the outside and soft on the inside.
This place is absolutely amazing and I’m sure it’ll do wonders in the future!

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