Perfection Attained by Indian Grill Room

Discovering Indian Grill Room was like finding a diamond in a bag full of emeralds and I think we all agree that if you had to choose between the two stones, diamond would be the first choice. Hence, in a sea of restaurants, Indian Grill Room had managed to carve a niche for itself and for me personally, it’s one of the best restaurants Gurgaon has seen.

To begin with, it’s probably the only stand alone 5-star property in Delhi NCR and by which I mean that the ambience and the service matches that of a restaurant located inside a 5-star property and the food, well, it will surely leave you speechless with it’s deliciousness and make you crave for it more and more. It’s been divided into 2 section: indoors, which is where the buffet is laid out and the set menu is served during lunch and dinner hours and then there is the al fresco dining space, which leans more towards a lounge/bar.

Firstly, the ambience is absolutely beautiful. The seating arrangement is such that it ensures privacy, as compared to many other restaurants with a similar concept. The buffet indoors is laid out beautifully, like how you’d see at a restaurant in a 5-star hotel. The outdoors is stunningly done and it would be perfect for late evenings and night.

The service is remarkable. The staff is extremely courteous and well mannered. They know the dishes being served quite well. They’re always on their toes to make sure that guests are served with food constantly and adequately. Even the chefs behind the buffet counter are always alert so as to cater to the needs of the guests.

The food is of course more delightful and delectable than anything else. Their new set menu is amazing. I had the following dishes:

Subz Galawat: The galawat was a major highlight of the meal. It was the first dish I tried and it was so good that I knew for sure that I was in for the most delicious ride of my life. It was so tender that the moment I’d put my folk in it, it would start falling apart. And this is something that’s easily seen in a mutton galawat but to do the same with the vegetarian version is definitely commendable.

Achari Soya: The cooking of the soya was perfect and the quality of it was mind blowing. It was soft and nice and to top it all, it was achari in the true sense.

Dahi Ke Kebab: An absolute showstopper, this dish just blew me away. First, the shape was pretty interesting and second, the taste was mind-boggling.

Paneer Tikka: The marination was pretty good and it tasted delicious.

Tandoori Ananas: When the perfect spices are added to sweet chunks of pineapple, which are then grilled just right, it would surely make a great dish. And the chefs here surely succeeded.

Raita: I loved the fact that I could make my own raita.

Dal Makhani: The dal makhani was so good that I couldn’t stop even after an entire bowl. It was rich, creamy and spicy.

Paneer Lababdar: An absolutely delicious dish of paneer.

Baby Naan: I was quite happy with the fact that instead of bringing whole chunks of bread. And it tasted good too.

Chili Garlic Noodles: The noodles were thin and tasted pretty good.

Phirni: The phirni was extremely good and I managed to finish an entire bowl even though I was so full with all the appetizers and main course.

Jalebi: When fresh jalebis are being made right in front of your eyes, can you really resist?

All in all, I had a fantabulous experience and I’d even say you’re really missing something if you haven’t visited Indian Grill Room!

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