Breakfast Cravings Satisfied at Another Fine Day!

Another Fine Day; what’s in a name? But when the name is as catchy as this, and it unintentionally, unknowingly rings a bell in the head, it really makes a difference. Another Fine Day had been on my wish list for as long as I remember, but due to the distance, I always avoided travelling to try it out. I had recently heard some really good things about this place from my Gurgaon/Gurugram buddies and according to one of them; this place is the best breakfast place in Gurgaon. And I’d say; it’s the best breakfast place in Delhi-NCR, because really, how often do you get real English breakfast in Delhi? And please, don’t say All American Diner at IHC because I’m way too bored of it.

So the location of One Fine Day is pretty good, and it’s right next to my favourite Pan Asian joint, Side Wok. And as soon as you enter, you will surely feel the warmth (rather coolness and breeziness) and comfort of this place. They have a variety of books on the shelf for avid readers and what better than a good read early inn the morning! They also have a variety of board games as well as, a tiny foosball table sort of a thing, which is quite entertaining.

I had specifically gone for breakfast so I ordered the following:

Caramel Latte: It’s strangely very difficult to find caramel latte, and something as good as this just made my day. I absolutely fell in love with the coffee.

Cheese Omelette: The omelette was great, the sides too were good but I only wish they had better sides options for vegetarians/eggetarians. In place of sausages, I was offered a house salad, which was as basic as it gets, with just cucumber and tomatoes.

The service was spectacular. The server was very well dressed (especially when you compare that to many other cafes/restaurants) and was always on his toes. He was very observant. Whenever we decided to switch tables to play different games, he would move our coffees and bring them to us instantly. He was also holding out the door for anyone who would be entering or exiting. And it was a great example of how one person can manage around 10 tables at a time with this much skill.

Surely going back to get some more delicious food! And coffee!

Another Fine Day Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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