The Factory Experience!

Factory is a peerless theme based lounge where every little detail has been taken care of to give guests a bona fide factory experience. The interiors are unerring but it’s the crockery and the cutlery that is absolutely phenomenal. It has been specially made to go with the theme.

The menu as well, is highly impressive both in terms of design and in terms of the variety and selection of dishes. It is a bit heavy, because of the metal used in making it, to give it a very real feel and moreover the descriptions of many dishes is pretty innovative, again to give it a very factory-like technical language. The cocktail menu in addition to the fabulous food menu is quite spectacular.

To top it all, it’s a great hookah place, which has become quite a thing in Delhi. They have the special Khalil Mamoon, which isn’t all that popular in India yet, but it’s one of the World’s most popular hookahs, hand-made in Egypt. The flavours are pretty amazing too, with some really great combinations.

Here’s a little insight into my experience at Factory with regards to the food, drinks and service:

Spring Rolls: I tried the veg spring rolls and they were bang on! The filling was tasty and the shell was crisp and non oily.

Corn and Aromatic Vegetables Dimsum: The dimsums were delicious. The flavours are pretty good and they were nice and light on the palate.

Veg Taco: This dish was a showstopper. The filling was heavenly. Of course it had that Mexican element with beans, but it also contained paneer and the biggest surprise was the addition of maggi. This dish is a must try!

Pizza Verdure: This pizza is a paradise for vegetarians with some exotic toppings. The crust was perfectly cooked and the thickness was just right, it being a thin crust pizza.

Rabri: As the Tiramisu wasn’t available, rabri seemed to be the next best option, brownie being too mainstream. The rabri was so good that I finished the entire bowl in one go.

The Dream Factory Cocktail: One of their signature cocktails, The Dream Factory was the perfect blend of the right combination of flavours. The citrusy flavour was quite strong which balanced out the bitter alcohol taste.

Currant Affair: This was a sweet and sour mocktail with each element shining out and playing its role.

The service was at good. The staff was very courteous and open to feedback. The chef himself came to our table and asked for our feedback.

All in all, a great place to hang out at with delicious food!

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