Cafeteria & Co: A delightful experience!

To sum it up, Cafeteria & Co., the new kid on the block, in the ever-growing Hudson Lane is all about delicious food, mind-blowing desserts and amazing shakes and mocktails.

The location of course is a plus point, and then the interiors are absolutely spectacular. You can locate the board from far away because of it’s uniqueness, as it has a certain class to it that sets it apart from the rest of the cafes in the lane and as you step inside, it’s a whole different world. The awesome graffiti, the comfy furniture, the cute little details of the décor, give it that great feel.

The menu is another highlight. The way it has been designed is one thing, while the selection of dishes is another. The names of certain dishes, especially the burgers, are quite catchy. And the shakes are a true highlight. All in all, it’s a must visit!

I tried the following dishes:

Paprika Cottage Cheese Hard Shell Taco: I was surprised by the fact that they had hard shell tacos and I wanted to order them right away. Even the fillings were delightful. I tried the paprika cottage cheese and it was great. Surely a dosh worth trying and it seemed to be a hot favourite as I could see it on a lot of other tables. The presentation too was great.

Fusilli in Cherry Tomato and Coriander Sauce: Well-cooked fusilli, in a sweet yet tangy cherry tomato and coriander sauce, which is a perfect substitute to the classic Arabiatta. It was certainly delicious.

Marilyn Monroe Burger: Although the burger didn’t taste too much of Tobasco as mentioned in the menu, it was still delicious. And the fries on the side were even better. They were full of flavour and so I couldn’t stop eating them.

Tiramisu Shake: Although a little too sweet, it was really good.

Ginger Beer Mojito: It was exactly the kind of mocktail I like. It wasn’t too sweet, just perfect and the taste of ginger was bang on, not too much and not too little. It was better than any other ginger ale I’ve ever had, as it’s usually sweeter and has a strong taste of ginger. This one was a great relief.

Death By Chocolate: It truly is a delectable dessert and in the true sense, Death By Chocolate. It had chocolate ice cream, choco chip ice cream, brownie, choco chips and chocolate sauce. It cannot get better than this.

Mix Berry Cream Cheese Crepe: As soon as I discovered that this place had crepes, I knew I was going to order one as crepes are still a little difficult to find in India. I decided to go for this particular one because I wanted something less sweet. The crepe was made to perfection and the filling was delicious. It was the perfect end to the meal!

The service was impeccable and the staff was always on their toes. They were quite courteous and helpful. They were taking feedback pretty seriously too.

Surely going back to try the other dishes from the menu!

Cafeteria & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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