Asian Street Food at Ping’s Cafe Orient

Teleporting you into one of those Asian Hawkers markets in the streets of China or Singapore but with taste, is the new Ping’s Café Orient with its delectable spread of the Pan Asian Cuisine and its beautiful and funky interiors.

There are some really thoughtful details that have been paid attention to while doing the décor. The furniture is absolutely perfect, the walls are hot pink, they even have a bulb that you can switch on if you want to call your server, which I felt quite an innovative thing to do and haven’t seen it anywhere else in Delhi. The terrace area is small but the way to the washroom is very unique, which is also on the first floor. They’ve made the area look like a barber shop on the street and the ladies washroom is indicated with a box full of nails, lipstick, nail paint etc and similarly the men washroom is indicated by shaving gel, hair gel etc.

The menu has a good amount of variety and even includes health food for the calories conscious. The servers are very polite and courteous and do their best to make for a wonderful experience.

I tried the following items from the menu:

Clear Soup with Burnt Garlic: An absolutely delicious and homely soup that’ll leave you yearning for more. I’d surely go back and order this one.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Wild Mushroom, Water Chestnut and Truffle Oil: Although the portion size of the dimsums wasn’t satisfactory yet the taste was absolutely amazing.

Three Mushrooms and Asparagus: This particular appetizer was a delicious one, with elements giving it both a sweet and spicy taste. The portion size was pretty good too.

Khao Suey: The taste of the Khao Suey was just perfect. It was sweet and all the crunchy elements served with it and also the fried noodles gave it that extra texture. It was one of the best Khao Sueys I’ve had.

Japanese Cheesecake: This was something new for me as I hadn’t tried it before. The cheesecake was something between a sponge and a regular cheesecake. It had loads of cream cheese and had just the right amount of sugar, slightly on the lesser side, which was perfect for me. Definitely recommended.

I had a wonderful experience at Ping’s Café Orient and am surely going back!

Ping's Café Orient Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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