Microbrewery time at Hops N Brew

With so many new breweries coming up, which a couple of years ago, was a niche market with some strong and steady names doing the rounds, there’s been a phenomenal amount of competition, especially in the Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon. I have visited a few of the breweries and I must say that they’ve become my new hangout favourites. There are different kinds of breweries, some have the look and feel of a café while other implicate that of a lounge. Batli 29, which gives more of a café feeling is one of my favourites and Hops N Brew on the other hand completely weighs towards a lounge get up.

The menu looks like a hard cover magazine and I absolutely love the concept, however the food variety on the menu isn’t impressive. I think they should add some more items to the food menu, only of course, if there’s enough space in the kitchen to incorporate more dishes because I can understand how much work happens inside. They have 3 varieties of beers and my favourite one was Strong. It had a relatively bitter yet great taste. I wanted to order a Jalapeno Margarita but unfortunately it wasn’t available so I had to go with the regular Lime Margarita which was a good drink. It had a good amount of alcohol yet the proportions were good enough to make it taste good. ALso, it would be great to have some beer cocktails on the menu. In terms of food, I tried the following items:

Crispy Corn Salt & Pepper: A great accompaniment to beer, this plate of food was fresh and delicious.

Dahi Ke Sholey: The dahi kebab looked absolutely smashing. I loved how they served huge pieces of the dish instead of the regular tiny ones. I loved the overall plating too.

Mediterranean Pizza: The pizza was quite good with some nice toppings such as olives and sundried tomatoes, which are some of my favourite ingredients. I would definitely recommend the pizza.

The food was good overall and I would usually order dessert at the end of the meal but they don’t have any options as such for desserts except for ice cream and brownie.

The service was a bit off in the beginning but it picked up eventually. Although I still think that this place need better staff.

Hops n Brew - The Microbrewery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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