My new found love for The Brown Box

The Brown Box; a bakery I had first come across on Zomato about 2 years ago and tried to find once. But as I couldn’t find it that one time that I tried, I didn’t try again until very recently. And since then it has become one of my favourite hang out spaces. Now, I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect but then there’s something about it. However, my review will be based on the 3 most important things based on which any restaurant or café or bakery should be rated.


Firstly, I’d like to mention how simply yet beautifully this place has been done up. The indoor space is quite cute but the outdoor seating area is a complete attention grabber. It gives that feel good factor which isn’t the most common sight these days. It’s that place where you can have a nice, quiet time with yourself or with a bunch of friends or a loved one. And it’s perfect in this season because of how amazing the weather is on and off. So, a 5/5 for ambiance.

Secondly, coming to the food items. The menu is pretty interesting for a bakery that is more of a café establishment now. I’ve been here a couple of times in which I managed to try the following items:

Cold Coffee: Decent but excessively sweet. They do have the option to make it a double, in order to make it stronger but because the staff did not understand that I wanted a stronger coffee at the time of placing the order, I couldn’t try it.

Cappuccino: This one was strong, just the way cappuccino should be.

Raisin and Walnut Cake: It was a regular vanilla flavoured cake with lots of raisins and walnuts inside and on top. Although it was nice, it wasn’t anything extraordinary.

Chocolate Waffles: Waffles topped with chocolate sauce and almond flakes, what can go wrong with that? They were delicious, although I’d like it even better if the waffles could be a bit fluffier.

So overall, a 3.5/5 for the food and beverages.

Thirdly, coming to the service. It was just awful. Every time I went, something went wrong. The first time, I asked a staff member who was taking the order at the time if the cold coffee would be on the bitter side or the sweet side. He smiled funnily and said, “coffee toh bitter hi hoti hai”. Wow! That was real news to me! If he had told me that the cold coffee would contain a good amount of sugar instead of telling me what coffee powder tastes like, I could have ordered a double cold coffee instead. The second time around, the same guy forgot our coffees and just sent the cake. We waited for a good half an hour while finishing the cake but realized that he wasn’t planning on sending the coffees. So we went and asked him and funny enough, he had forgotten all about our coffees. A change of staff should definitely be a priority of the owner of this place. A 1/5 for service.

Yes, I would go back, but mostly for the ambiance that this place has to offer, nestled away in a quiet, unexplored part of Panchsheel Park!

The Brown Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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