Fresh and Delicious Food Delivered by Kennedy’s!

I happened to visit Kennedy’s by chance and what a find it was. Although it’s a small outlet concentrating mainly on delivery it does cater to anyone who wants to visit the outlet for a meal. It does not have any seating space but there are tables present for anyone who wants to stand and relish the delicious and fresh food. They have quite a variety on the menu and though they started with only shawarmas, they were quick to judge the market and brought some new and delicious dishes to the menu. The service is top class. If you’re at the outlet, they even send the food to your car quite quickly and their delivery system is pretty efficient too.

I tried the following dishes from the menu:

Chaap Shawarma: Soya is definitely a great choice for shawarmas but is hardly used. And at Kennedy’s they’ve used it quite well. It had a bit of a pickle kind of taste and the dips along with it were just amazing.

White Sauce Pasta: With lots of olives in it, this white sauce pasta was very tasty.

Fusion Fried Momos: These momos were a major highlight of the meal. They were lightly fried an topped with 4 different delicious sauces.

Chilli Chaap: I loved how they’ve extensively used chaap for all cuisines. And along with doing the regular items like chilli potato and chilli paneer, they’ve successfully invented chilli chaap.

Creamy Chilli Chaap: Another great discovery by Kennedy’s in the creamy chilli chaap. What happened when you mix mayonnaise with chili chaap? It gives a creamy yet spicy flavour, which is quite nice.

Curd Bomb: One of the best dahi kebabs I’ve had in a while. They were sour and sweet. The filling was just perfect.

Chocolate Mousse: Surprisingly, they have good desserts too. The chocolate mousse was nice and light and really chocolatey.

Also, another point worth mentioning is that they have a variety of dips on the menu, and I tried all of them. They were all very good and I’d recommend taking those extra dips because they really make a difference to the meal.

Kennedy's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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