The hottest lounge in Delhi..

HotMess is one of those few restaurants that I was really looking forward to, considering the fact that there’s a new restaurant opening up each week, with the restaurant industry growing at a never ending, superfast pace, with innovation never backtracking, giving food that isn’t just food anymore, but a way of life. And did it live up to my expectations? Of course it did!

The first and foremost thing is the enchanting and comforting vibe of this place, hidden away in the back lane of Connaught Place, it’s a different world in itself. No matter what you were thinking before getting in, or what you were doing, this place will take it all away from you and send you to a place that’s away from the rush and madness of the world. The interiors are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.

The food menu too, is quite a catch. There are a few things that stand out, such as the Chur Chur Pizza, which has a base that has the texture of a patty, being used as a pizza base, although the topping can be improvised. Another great dish would be the samosadilla, which is quite an interesting name in itself, although it is basically a quesadilla with a delicious filling and some nice dips to go along. I even loved their malai broccoli, as the taste of the malai was quite prominent without losing the freshness of the broccoli. The desserts are quite amazing too.

The food is one side to the story, the other being the divine cocktail menu. They have cocktails that have never been seen before in Delhi, presented quite beautifully. My favourites were Ginger Pomegranate Daze, with the perfect blend of the two elements with Vodka and Sparkling Daisy that is a must try if one is into beer cocktails. One For The Road also seemed to be a popular and loved choice amongst my peers and even for me the delicious combination of Bourbon, orange liqueur, cinnamon and most importantly fresh pineapple slices worked brilliantly well.

And of course, I can’t write a review for HotMess without mentioning the trending special hookah, which has been a major breakthrough in the hookah/sheesha space with more restaurants trying to imitate this wonderful and interesting discovery. Although it’s a little difficult to actually drink the mocktail or cocktail from the huge glass whilst taking puffs from the same. Anyhow, it’s a must try because you don’t get to see these things everyday.

The service is satisfactory, a little slow, which I’d say is a good thing because HotMess is one of those places where you’d like to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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