Rajouri Garden sees the light of Junkyard Café

Junkyard Café is the perfect example of how much thought research and investment goes into doing the interiors of a restaurant. Built on the lines of a junkyard, every little detail has been taken into consideration in doing up this place. Even for passerby’s, it’s difficult to go unnoticed because of the plane stuck to the building right on the 2nd and 3rd floor. As soon as you entered Junkyard Café on the 2nd floor, the most alluring structure is the transformer made with junk and that’s not all. There are so many more eye-catching structures that make the place so special. Other than that, all the walls, the lighting, the pillars, each and everything has been done with junk material. And the best part is that it has been done extremely neatly. The music is great and it has a variety of seating options. It’s probably the best hang out space in Rajouri Garden. They have an elaborate food, drinks and sheesha menu so it’s great for all kinds of outings.

I tried the following from the menu:

Ceaser Salad: It’s hard to go wrong with a Ceaser Salad, and this one was pretty good.

Hummus and Pita: The hummus was really good and the presentation of the dish was good too.

Sesame Paneer Tikka: It’s so wonderful how a little addition of sesame seeds can do to a regular paneer tikka. This starter is a must have. It’s a little sweet overall but rather delicious.

Pokchoi and Mushroom Dimsum: The dimsum filling was great but I wasn’t too happy with the outer layer as it kept breaking every time I’d touch it.

Wheat Pasta with Seasonal Veggies in Red Sauce: A dish from their healthy menu, it’s a great option for those who are looking to have a healthier meal with lower calories. The calorie count too, was given on the menu.

Fresh Fruit Screw Driver: I absolutely loved this cocktail, especially because it was made with fresh juice, which really enhanced the taste of the whole cocktail. I wish more restaurants and cafes start doing fresh fruit cocktails.

Fresh Fruit Mai Tai: With a refreshing taste of fresh pineapple juice, this cocktail was perfectly balanced and pretty amazing!

Sangria: It was the perfect, well balanced red wine sangria.

The Junkyard Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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