GreenR, taking vegetarian food a notch up

Shahpur Jat is popularly known for its designer stores and boutiques but it’s a lesser known fact that it has some of the most amazing food joints in the city. And yet again, in the relatively unexplored lanes of Shahpur Jat, I found an amazing café; GreenR Store & Café. As the name suggests, it’s a store and a café, a concept that I truly adore.

Now in addition to already holding up a rare concept, they’ve added so much more to look forward to. It’s a pure vegetarian café, and I bet it’s one that even the non-vegetarians would simply love. Built on the lines of a Californian Café, a lot of emphasis has been given into extensive research for making protein rich dishes for vegetarians, leading to a revolution in the concept of mock meats. They have vegetarian sausages, vegetarian meatballs and vegetarian chicken; something that might sound strange but is true. They don’t use the regular vegetarian protein rich elements like paneer or soya and have created all the delicious dishes with plant forms. They have outsourced their Coffee to Blue Tokai, which is obviously one of the best coffees, Gelatos to Piccolicko, which is so good that you surely won’t stop at one and Cold Press Juices to a variety of vendors so as to give more options.

The interiors are subtle and nice, making it the perfect co-working space, which is what the vision was for the café initially. But now they’re changing the interiors a bit, to make it more suitable for everyone and not only to people who are looking for a space to work at.

I tried the following dishes:

Cassava Root Fries: I had never heard of this dish before and so was quite curious about how it would be. Cassava is a vegetable found in the South of India and so it’s rarely used in North. It’s the perfect substitute for potato and is healthier.

Meatball, Pesto and Mozzarella Sandwich: This sandwich was absolutely delicious and so saucy. It was a bit of a messy eat but totally worth it. The meatballs were pretty good.

Sausage Pizza: The sausage on the pizza was delicious, and to make a vegetarian sausage that good is something amazing. And with all the delicious sauces on the pizza, it was great.

Lentil Burger: The patty was made of lentils, which is something new. You’d regularly see bean burgers or veggie burgers but this one was something different and quite tasty.

Chocolate Fudge Gelato: One of the best gelatos I’ve had till date. It was chocolaty and cakey.

Blue Frappe: With the perfect combination of coffee, coffee gelato and milk, this was cold coffee is to die for.

Overall, I had an amazing experience at GreenR and am surely going back soon!

Greenr Store & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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