Tea Time at Tea Trails Café

Indian culture has always had a strong and consistent tea culture. Although the South of India produces and consumes more coffee, the rest of the country has always been tea friendly. And with the growing population of green tea drinkers, teas have found a special place in restaurant menus. There has also been an upheaval in entire cafes based on tea. And the newest entrant to this category is Tea Trails Café.

They have a variety of teas from all over the world, including the traditional Indian teas as well as some international infused teas.

The interiors are very enticing, especially if you like quiet and peaceful cafes. It’s a good place to work at as well. It’s colourful and nice and the perfect place to beat the extreme Delhi heat.

They also have a variety of food options as they have a separate menu for food and a separate one for teas, however, I wouldn’t recommend the place for a proper lunch/dinner.

I tried the following items from the menu:

Kashmiri Qahwa: A green tea flavoured Kashmiri Qahwa that was my favourite out of all the teas that I tried. I’m a green tea drinker myself and this was probably the best one I’ve had till now. Definitely going back for this one.

Oolong (Black Tea): Now, I generally don’t drink black tea, but this one changed my mind. It was quite delicious.

Red Zen: A fruity hot tea, with flavours of apple, cinnamon and honey. The honey really balanced the tea and hence no need to put in any sugar.

Litchi Bubble Tea: The flavor was good and thankfully it wasn’t overly sweet. Although I would love some more bubbles in it.

The food was a little disappointing but I would definitely recommend the Olive & Green Tea Bruschetta and the Cottage Cheese Platter.

Tea Trails Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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