Batli29: The New Brewery Around The Corner

With so many restaurants, cafes, lounges and clubs opening up every other day in every nook and corner of Delhi NCR, and this industry being exploited to such a level where one thinks it’s going to crash, but it never does, I think the best kind of venture into the F&B industry is by the way of a brewery. Now unfortunately, there are still certain license issues with a brewery opening up in Delhi, but Gurugram has been raining with some new and amazing breweries. The newest addition to the industry is Batli29, in the fast growing sector 29 area of Gurugram.

The best thing about this place is that it’s a perfect blend of a café and a bar. So it’s a place where you can take your family for a nice lunch, of course over beer. Or you could go drinking with your friends. Or even for a nice little date. This place has a lively feel to it and the music is just spectacular.

Their beers obviously are amazing. They have 4 varieties although one of the varieties wasn’t available when I visited, but the others were pretty good. My favourite was the Pilsner. They also have some amazing beer cocktails that are served in huge quantities. They have just the right kind of food that goes well with the drinks.

My experience with the food and cocktails was as follows:

Shandy: All my favourite drinks in one glass, it couldn’t have gone wrong. The taste of the beer itself was great and when mixed with gingerale and sprite, it was sure to do wonders.

End Zone: Now usually the taste of bourbon is too strong and I thought it would overpower the beer, but everything was mixed in just the right quantities and made the perfect beer cocktail.

Batli Street Bites: The best thing that goes with a drink is peanuts and they have added their own twist to the peanuts. They’re slightly sweet yet sour and spicy.

Chandni Chowk Wale Kulche: I loved the concept and it does work well with beer. There were 4 types of varieties for stuffing and it was served with a chutney and different types of pickles. Although it was great, I wouldn’t mind some chana on the plate.

Batli29 Tandoori Platter: We opted for the Veg Tandoori Platter and it was delicious. My favourite was the seekh kebab followed by the paneer tikka. The dahi kebab was great too, although a little sweet.

Paneer Tikka Makhanwala: The paneer makhni was very creamy. And the best part was the breads. I had the garlic naan and the pudina parantha and I completely fell in love. I could have the breads even without the main course. It’s quite rare to find such delectable breads.

Kala Jamun Kala Forest: A kala jamun flavoured black forest cake, with a gulab jamun layer, this dessert was delicious.

The service was top notch and our server came to us time to time to make sure that everything that came to our table was all right. Surely going back!

Batli 29 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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