Old is Gold: A Review Of China Garden

The last time I remember going to China Garden was about 10 years ago when it was one of the very few restaurants in Greater Kailash 2. China Garden and Chopsticks were the 2 favourites of the people living in the vicinity back then. But unfortunately there came a high tide of newly opened restaurants and many old established restaurants were somewhat swept away and became less popular. It wasn’t because their food or service deteriorated, but because it was the time to try something new.

Recently, I visited China Garden and I was highly impressed. Firstly, their hospitality is mentionable. The manager of the restaurant was going to each and every table and having a little chat with each customer. He was there to suggest dishes, and to take feedback. And I can understand how difficult it is to do this for every table. So some commendable work there.

Secondly the food is delicious! I always used to think that China Garden was overpriced but it is not so. Their portions are so huge that one main course can be easily shared by 3-4 people. And the best part is that they do half portions. Probably the only restaurant that does so!

The interiors of course are as old and gold as they could be. The feeling of the place was the same as it was 10 years ago and it’s great that they’ve been able to maintain it till now.

I tried the following dishes and would recommend the same:

Manchow Soup: A nice, slightly spicy soup with crispy fried noodles, it was very tasty.

Vegetable Sui Mai: Although slightly bland, because of the lightly seasoned boiled vegetables in the dimsum, it tasted pretty great with the chilly sauce served alongside.

Yu Nam Vegetables: Another one from the non-spicy category which I don’t prefer usually, it was fresh and delectable as ever.

Traditional Fried Rice: It was in the true sense the traditional fried rice and of course delicious.

Hakka Noodles: Nice, well-cooked, thin noodles with veggies.

Custard Caramel: A soft, spongy, slightly eggy caramel custard that will probably be a hot favourite even amongst those who don’t like desserts.

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