Karnataka Food Centre

Karnataka Food Centre is probably one of the hot selling restaurants, considering that there are hardly any dedicated South Indian restaurants in the Delhi NCR market. The most popular one’s being, Sagar Ratna (just the def col branch) and Sarvana Bhavan. I had heard a lot about this place and decided to give it a try.

They have a nice and varied menu, which I would say is quite similar to Sagar, and I’d compare the two as I’m more of a regular at Sagar and Sarvana. Sarvana of course has many more options on the menu.

Coming to my experience at the Karnataka Food Centre. The service is quick and efficient. The staff keeps roaming around with big drums of food to refill your plate with sambar, or if you’ve opted for a Thali then all the delicacies included in the thali.

Coming to the food, I decided to order the following dishes:

Dahi Vada: Thankfully the dahi vada was sweet and soft. A lot of places serve salty dahi vada which according to me is not very palatable. It was a good start to the meal.

Rava Mysore Masala: My favourite and must order dosa at any South Indian restaurant, this one was good too. My only complain was that the masala had more onion than potato and I don’t like it that way.

Thali: The thali was all mediocre, not very good. The number of puris could have been more considering the puris weren’t even too big. The vegetables too failed to impress.

The food was average. So would I go again? I guess not. Sagar and Sarvana would probably be a better choice.


Karnataka Food Centre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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