NH44: The tale of all cuisines along the highway

NH44, the longest highway of India, routed from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, is undoubtedly a road trip full of culture and tradition and for any foodie, authentic food at all stops along this way. The richness of highway food is unmatched and to bring that into the city is an achievement in itself. The brainchild of the well-known OTB, Khan Market duo, Mr. Bagga and Mr. Bhasin, this place is all set to do wonders.

The interiors of NH44 are done after a lot of study and so much effort has gone into the detailing, to make the place as good as it is. Be it the authentic brick walls made without using any cement or the handicrafts brought all the way from Rajasthan or even the colourful windows all around and especially the washroom that is made beautifully with innumerable mirrors all over the wall, this place certainly is a charmer. It encapsulates the essence of both Haveli and the traditional Dhabas, which are most popular amongst the highway stops. In addition, there are two private dining areas with LCD screens.

The menu has been curated after much thought, capturing the taste and food of Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Gujarat , Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bengaluru and finally Kanyakumari. This of course leads to a massive and extremely interesting variety, which is served at surprisingly reasonable prices with king-like service. My journey at NH44 was full of food from all parts along this route and each one of them was so delicious that I can surely say that this is by far the best multi-cuisine restaurant under the Indian cuisine. Here are some moments from my voyage:

Welcome Shot: The most delicious and authentic aam panna which was soothing to the palate and so refreshing so as to make one ready for the meal ahead. And the best part is, they have a new welcome drink everyday!

Paneer Tikka: The most popular dish among vegetarians in North Indian cuisine, this dish was delightful! The quality of the paneer is worth mentioning; it was soft and nice.

Kancheepura Idli: If anyone could beat Sagar, Defence Colony, it’s this place. The sambar was absolutely delicious and the idli was so soft.

Vada Pav: A vada pav straight from Pune; made by a person who used to make vada pavs in Pune and is making the exact same one at NH44.

Dal Makhani: This one isn’t your regular dal makhani because it draws inspiration from Dal Bukhara at ITC Maurya. The head chef, Mr. Sanjeev has had a long running career, which also took him to Bukhara for training and so he wanted to go back to basics and create a dal, which is found nowhere else.

Handi Biryani: Probably the best biryani I’ve had till date. It was full of flavours and so aromatic that the senses are pleased right away.

Shahi Tukra: A dessert straight from Kashmir, and a definite delight. It’s simple and delicious. A nice milk soaked bread topped with rabri, one can’t go wrong with this.

Beetroot Halwa: At first thought, this might not be the most appealing dessert, but trust me, it’s heavenly! It’s close to a gajar ka halwa and make in a similar way with milk and the plus point is that it’s available all through the year.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from starters to dessert, I had a wonderful journey at NH44. Definitely recommended!

National Highway 44 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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