Number 8: The perfect spot for the perfect dinner!

My first rendezvous with Number 8 was a few weeks ago, when I was strolling in the Sundar Nagar Market , to buy some tea from the tea store right next to it, which by the way, has some astounding variety for tea lovers. Anyway, as soon as I set my eyes on this elegantly done building; I knew a visit was in order. And so, one fine evening, I finally visited Number 8 and the experience was as I had expected it would be.

The interiors are done beautifully, with much taste. It has that familiar, homely feeling as if it were an extension to your living room. Spread across 3 floors, including an aesthetically done terrace, which would be the perfect spot to throw a lavish party. I got a chance to interact with the owner, and I must say that when a place is created with oneโ€™s complete heart and soul, it is bound to do well, especially when it is of such class.

The menu is quite elaborate, and a definite paradise for vegetarians. On recommendation, I decided to try the following dishes:

Wild Mushroom Soup Truffle Essence: A delicious and warm dish that will leave you yearning for more.

Chefโ€™s Special Number 8 Soup: Asparagus & Broccoli Soup: Much to my surprise, this soup turned out to be absolutely delectable. I had once, a long time back, had a very disappointing broccoli soup but this particular one changed my opinion completely. It was a well balanced and flavoursome soup.

Poached Pear Salad: The perfect match of rocket leaves, wine poached pear, hazelnut, feta and raspberry vinaigrette. In all fairness, somehow, this dish was the showstopper.

Moneybags: Something like a wonton, it was of course in the shape of a moneybag. It was thin and crispy on the outside and full of freshness on the inside.

Malai Broccoli: A nicely grilled broccoli with a cheese coating around it. It was slightly dry yet delicious.

No. 8 Wild Mushroom And Red Wine Risotto: It was the perfect risotto with just the right ingredients in the right amounts.

No. 8 Sumac Crusted Chicken Breast: First of all the combinations were just perfect. A perfected grilled and juicy chicken breast, with a side of mint yogurt, with cucumber added to it to give that freshness along with bits of pomegranate to add that slight sweetness and especially the falafel to make it a complete dish.

Flourless Chocolate Cake: A dessert that is supreme bliss for all chocolate lovers. Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, cocoa crumble and chocolate ganache; every element making it a more complete and appetizing dessert.

The service was delightful. For a change the staff was very well trained and so courteous that itโ€™s worth a mention.

A second visit? For sure, no doubts about that!

Number 8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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