Urban Pind: Your everyday lounge!

Greater Kailash 2 has been bustling with new lounges opening up every other day. It’s where all the parties happen. And another addition to this wide array of happening places in Urban Pind, which can be located from quite a distance because of the huge board and that familiar superman logo, which of course has an Urban Pind twist to it. Even the washrooms have superman drawings all other them along with a superman comic page at the back of the menu.

Urban Pind is your regular lounge that offers your favourite comfort food and with so many restaurants doing innovations in their menus, it’s much more difficult to find the regular food. I sat down and ordered a Tandoori Platter, every element of which, was delicious. My favourite was the mushroom tikka, full of flavour and the seekh kebab was just fantastic! The innovative part was the broccoli kebab, which was as soft as a galouti kebab with a strong and great taste of broccoli. The paneer however could have been better. Nevertheless, the platter is a smart buy. I went on to order the main course; Dal Makhani and Kofta. The Dal Makhani was amazing, it was spicy and for a change not so creamy, I surely loved it. The kofta was great too, although it was slightly saltier than I’d like. Next, I ordered the lemon cheesecake. The taste was pretty good, but my only complaint is that it was absolutely frozen and so was difficult for me to cut into. I also had the frozen Peach Margarita, which was quite strong and good.

The service was efficient. No one seemed to be in a hurry, just how a lounge should be. Everything was being prepared fresh. Definitely a food spot for a party!


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