Thai Food At Your Doorstep

ThaiCrate, the brand new take-away/delivery restaurant serves the Thai cuisine, which is a refreshing change from the regular pan Asian restaurants that put their hands everywhere. Their specialization in Thai food is a delight for someone who is a Thai food freak because they have a lot of variety in soups, salads and curries. Their packaging is a key differentiator. There are a number of delivery joints serving all sorts of cuisines, but never have I seen so much effort put into the packaging design. It is amongst the first and only PP5 packaging which is food grade and the boxes are not just good to look at, but they are stackable, reusable, microwaveable, and freezable. Their delivery system is super efficient as I ordered two times, and both times the food reached me at exactly the time I had asked for it to be delivered.

I’ve tried the following dishes till now:

Papaya Salad: This was a delicious papaya salad, with a bit of sweetness along with some freshly cut tomatoes to balance it.

Red Thai Curry: One of the best thai curries I’ve had till date and would love to order it again.

Phanaeng Curry: Another delectable curry off their menu. It’s like now when I think Thai food, I automatically think of ThaiCrate. Such strong is the association.

Assorted Vegetables: Although they were stir fried, they had a bit of a gravy, which is what I wanted and it was probably not as good as the thai curries, but still it was great.

Yellow Noodles: These noodles were out of the world! I don’t usually have noodles without a curry or some stir-fried dish, but after just one bite, I couldn’t stop myself and wanted to finish the entire bowl.

Fried Rice: The rice was flavoursome and a great accompaniment to the curry.

Banoffee Pie: I didn’t expect a Thai delivery place to have such a tasty dessert. And they proved me wrong. The banoffee pie was more of a banoffee mousse in a cup with a biscuity bottom, some bananas slices in the middle and a creamy, delicious top. I was blown away!

ThaiCrate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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