The Mysterious Case Of 38 Barracks

As soon as you enter, there’s a cute little ladder on the left that spells out LOVE, a set of stairs on the right, with a beautifully decorated wall. The first thing you observe once you reach the first floor is the delightful antique look and vibe of this place. Then of course there’s a wall showcasing different kinds of guns. Another great deal about this place is the seating arrangement, which you will understand when you see it. You can sit right next to the window, which can be opened up, or the high benches or the regular chair or on sofas in a corner. And although it may seem like a regular point but it does enhance the experience.

The bar exhibits various brands and types of alcohol arranged in a rather beguiling manner. They also offer sheesha, if that’s of any interest. The menu is wide ranging, mostly highlighting fusion food but not just with continental and other foreign cuisines but with the Indian cuisine, dominantly a mix of the flavours of North India and South India.

I happened to visit this place on a Monday night, when it wasn’t too crowded and the service went well. The entire new menu hasn’t been revealed completely but slowly and steadily it is being unveiled. The cocktail menu is another treat.

I got to try the following dishes and drinks:

Amuse Bouche: A palate cleanser served at the beginning of the meal, which had rocket leaves, watermelon and some sour cream. Definitely a good start to what was in store ahead.

Paneer Tikka Barrel: Usually, either there’s the regular paneer tikka or the stuffed variety, but this one was different. It had different types of flavoured already mixed in the batter and shaped into a barrel. Quite tasty.

Chilly Paneer: One of the most popular go-to dishes with soft pieces of paneer with a tangy and spicy sauce.

Chicken Kari Tikka: Chicken tikka marinated with curry leaves and served with the paste all over it. Although a little salty, it was a good surprise.

Hyderabadi Khatte Baingan: Another one of their fusion dishes which tasted spectacular. I’m not a huge fan of brinjal, however on recommendation, it turned out to be a good choice.

Blueberry Bunta: Your usual bunta with a twist of bluberry and it was extraordinary. Definitely one of my favourites and highly recommended.

Orange Bunta: Another twist to the tale of buntas.

Garrison: With orange as the dominant flavor, it was a well-made mocktail.

Passion Fruit Caprioska: It was a well blended, delicious cocktail. They make Caprioska in a lot if different flavours that you won’t find elsewhere.

Barracks Cooler: When I first saw it, I was slightly apprehensive, but on tasting it, I completely changed my mind. It was quite a refreshing drink. It had vodka, pineapple and fresh cream among other flavours.

And I think one commendable point is the change and improvement from Lido, to Movida to 38 Barracks. This establishment has surely come a long long way!

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