Asia Central: Exploring the Streets of Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat, being one of my favourite locations of Delhi has been seeing an upswing of restaurants. But what was lacking was restaurant serving the Pan-Asian cuisine. And finally, Asia Central has filled this void. Although it’s a delivery/take-away outlet, the wonderful menu, and delicious dishes speak volumes for themselves.

I happened to order the following dishes:

Hot & Sour Soup (Veg)

This was the only dish I was not satisfied with, probably because the soup my mom makes at home tastes very similar and I was looking for something more than just that.

Pak Choi & Water Chestnut Crystal Dumplings

This was my favourite dish of the lot. They were soft on the outside and the filling was wondrously delectable. In my initial order, which was online, this was not on the list but when I got a call to confirm the order, this dish was suggested to me and I’m so glad I took the suggestion.

Asian Vegetarian Dumplings

Delicious set of dumplings and the sauces with it were spectacular. Although I have one complaint, regarding the quantity of dimsums in one portion. I would usually expect at least 6 pieces in a portion or even 8, but 5 isn’t very satisfying.

Mix Vegetables in Sichuan Sauce

Broccoli, black mushroom, button mushroom and some other exotic veggies in a relatively sweet sauce, which was scrumptious.

Kung Pao Chicken

My first impression for this dish was a delightful one because I was quite happy with the amount of chicken in the dish. And on top that, it was quite tasty.

Hawker’s Noodles (Veg)

Again, this wasn’t my favourite dish. Not that they weren’t tasty, but probably because the red and yellow bell pepper changed the way hakka noodles should be. Would be trying Chilli Garlic Noodles next time.

Fried Rice (Veg)

I absolutely loved the fried rice. And they went very well with both the curries.

Another point worth mentioning is the beautiful and intricate packing. Absolutely blown away by it. And yes, I’m ordering again soon!


Asia Central Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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