How do you judge the credibility of a food blogger?

There’s been a phenomenal upsurge in the number of food bloggers and Zomato reviewers. Some have turned it into a booming business while there are others who just do it out of passion and don’t take the extra step. There have been many cases of bloggers turning into PR persons and quitting their passion of writing just because it doesn’t have any returns. Many a times, these bloggers continue to write but only to promote an establishment. So now the question is, how do you trust the review of a food blogger or a zomato reviewer? (considering that people still believe in the sanctity of such reviews)

Step 1

Find the top bloggers. I say top bloggers because they’re easier to find. You could use google for this or use the zomato blog list for your reference. If this is not how you want to go about it then, you can search for other bloggers who you think you can follow.

Step 2

Check if they’ve reviewed any restaurants that you’ve already been to. If you see that your experience and their reviews match at some level, and their rating seems to be correct, then you know that they might be slightly reliable for you. Of course personal choice for each person may be different.

Step 3

Don’t bank up on a single review. Check at least 4-5 different reviews of the blogger. This would even confirm that your tastes are similar and you like similar kinds of places and dishes.

Step 4

Now some bloggers may be promoting a restaurant, so if you see them sharing too much for a restaurant, it could be a paid promotion. If you follow them and see that they’re sharing all details regarding the events happening at the restaurant or pictures of individual dishes over and over again along with long descriptions, or holding contests repeatedly, it’s all a promotional gimmick. It’s okay to share reviews because blogging is all about voicing one’s opinion but that’s what it should be restricted to.


Ultimately, I believe that food blogging is for passion and nothing else. There are some amazing blogs doing fantastic work and making a living out of it, but at some point, they move away from the blog tag and add a lot more to themselves, which is fair. And then there are others who do it as a serious hobby and because it makes them happy. Lastly, I do hope that the honesty of reviews is maintained and the love for food prevails over all!


4 thoughts on “How do you judge the credibility of a food blogger?

  1. Very nice. I was impressed in case of zomato, where they have asked reviewers to declare at the beginning if they were invited by the restaurant, either as a guest or at a launch.
    I think reviewers have the power of numbers and I made the mistake of visiting a place without checking on zomato….but that’s just once. No longer now.


  2. I always get invited to review restaurants and I do blog about my honest opinion all the time. Even if it’s complimentary most of the time, my goal is to inform readers if the place is worth going to or not but there are some restos who are not worth the time and money and I will gladly tell people about them so they can have a reality check and change their ways


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