The Villain Café Luncheon Fare

Club Road, Punjabi Bagh is growing at an unbelievable rate and the number of restaurants that have entered this road only proves that it’s going to be the next big thing. One of the newest additions at this location is The Villain Café. It’s a corner building and hence very easy to locate with a board on either sides of the building. It’s placed on the third floor and there’s an elevator for those who’d rather skip the climb.

The moment you enter, you will realize how beautifully the colour brown has been used to do the interiors. Be it the sofas, the bar or the decorative elements all around. The menu is expansive, serving a variety of cuisines, especially designed by Chef Harish Thakran who has designed menus for a number of popular restaurants and cafés. From there, leading the way is Chef Ganesh Thapliyal, who is the head chef.

The menu consists of all those things that you’d order at a restaurant along with some interesting and newer additions. The cocktails menu is eye-catching and in terms of presentation of cocktails, they’re doing some great stuff.

From the innumerable options available on the menu, I decided to choose the following:

Tandoori Badami Broccoli: Who thought that a broccoli could be twisted and turned (not literally) into a dish so delicious that you would keep going back for more. Flavours of cream, cheese, cinnamon and almond were in the right proportions and it was grilled beautifully.

Kadhai Paneer Pockets: Now this was rather unusual because pita pockets either have falafel or veggies or simple grilled paneer as a filling. But when you use such a sumptuous kadhai paneer filling, it’s sure to do wonders.

Vegetable Cigars: The younger brother of spring rolls, as these were thinner but did the job of a spring roll. The best part was the presentation though. These were served on a toy truck, each piece in a shot glass with chilly garlic sauce in each one of the glasses. Also available in chicken.

Veggies Chilly Bean Burger: This was one of the best burgers I’ve had till date. It was more on the spicy side, so that’s one of the things to keep in mind. And it was quite cheesy so some extra points there.

Banofee Pie: This was the dessert of the day and it was fantastic. Rather than a slice out of a bigger pie, this one was a whole pie in itself. It was very palatable.

Guava Spice: This is one of their signature cocktails, made perfectly and presented even more beautifully.

Cosmopolitan: A light, refreshing drink that goes perfectly with your meal, especially if you love the cranberry flavour.

The service was top notch and the manager takes care of the tables himself with the help of the staff of course. The music playlist is definitely a key factor that makes the experience what it is. And the food and drinks take it a degree higher.

The Villain Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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