Continued Innovation at Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard! I finally get why the name is so. Remember those olden golden days when there were big houses, like the ones on Hanuman Road or Sundar Nagar with a courtyard at the back and a big beautiful tree at the centre and a flight of stairs leading to an open wonderful terrace where you could spend your day enjoying the sun, and your night having good conversations with your loved ones? Well, that’s exactly what this place is about and so much more.

It’s a completely different place during the day and when the night comes upon, it’s so glamorous that you’d be tempted to throw your next party there.

So they have 3 sections; indoors, outdoor verandah section and a terrace, all equally mesmerizing in their own unique way. There are so many little little details to this place that I may not be able to mention all of them. Be it the highly trained bartenders, or the open kitchen or the DJ playing some great music or even the digitized tags on the staff. Who says the restaurant industry has reached its saturation; rather it’s getting more and more perfect with places like UC.

The food is delectable beyond compare. Since I was there for a party, I only got to try the starter and drinks so this is how I would rate them:

Falafel: The best falafel till date, each served with a slice of pita bread and surprisingly without any hummus but with a hung curd dip. 5/5

Cheese Spring Rolls: Served in a shot glass with mayonnaise at the bottom, this was one tasty appetizer. 4/5

Soya Chaap: Well, this was my favourite. Marinated perfectly with just the right flavours, it’s a must have. 5/5

Paneer Dimsums: I don’t usually prefer paneer dimsums but I definitely relished this one. 4.5/5

Chicken Tikka: Served right off the grill, this dish was absolutely smashing. 4.5/5

The drinks are so amazing, and the bartenders so good that they’d make you whatever it that you want. I somehow stuck to the Sangria because that’s my favourite drink but I would recommend you to try other drinks off the menu as well.

The service is top-notch. The manager takes care of everyone around as though they are guests in his house, and as I mentioned earlier, the staff is probably the most courteous compared to the best of places.

For your next outing, this is definitely the place to go!

Unplugged Courtyard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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