Gastronomica: For The Love Of Wine, Black and World Cuisine

Gastronomica; they say there’s a story behind everything, and so there’s a lovely story behind this place too. On my visit to Gastronomica, I got into talks with the owner, Mr. Sumit Goyal, who’s present at the outlet on most days, and understood the entire story behind this amazing place! So the interiors are of course based on his love for black. As he mentions that he wears black every single day. The interiors are all shades of black and grey. Even the rustic walls, which you’ll find at a million other restaurants that won’t be painted, are painted metallic grey here. And his love for wine too is quite prominent with wine bottles used for decoration all over. He’s travelled most of the world, dined at restaurants for which reservation has to be made a year in advance, and so he’s brought all that back with himself and provided us with a World cuisine restaurant tucked away in a beautiful corner of Greater Kailash.

The service is impeccable, and the staff so courteous that they’ll make you feel at home. The menu is so vast, that at first it might be difficult to pick a dish to order, but whatever dish you do order will be so delectable that you’d want to come back and try the others as well.


I tried the following dishes:

Quinoa Bhel: The star dish of the day and a unique and innovative twist to the regular bhel. I loved it so much that I would prefer it to the regular street side bhelpuri. It had the perfect taste and the quinoa was cooked just right. Definitely going back for this one.

Homemade Falafel Sliders: Another delectable dish, but instead of hummus, it had hung curd which enhanced the taste further.

Poached Red Wine Pear: I think this has been the best salad I’ve had till date. My previous favourite was the Goat’s Cheese Salad at Rara Avis and now this. Every element in this salad was perfect. Be it the poached pears, the caramelized walnuts or the crispy lettuce.

Chicken Bao: At first, I thought it was a huge dimsum, but after cutting into it, I realized it was a bao. It had a delicious filling of minced chicken.

Whiskey Sour, Nimbu ka Achar: Now this is something I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. But because Mr. Sumit really recommended this one, I tried it and surprisingly, it was quite amazing.

Paan Mojito: This drink was like a paan in your mouth and so much more.

Fererro Rocher Gulab Jamun: A nice firm gulaab jamun topped with lots of hot chocolate sauce and some caramelized nuts, the perfect end to the meal.

Going back soon to try the other dishes too!

Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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