The Cottage Cafe: Really Worth it?

I was rather surprised when I discovered that The Smoothie Factory had taken over a corner of the Cottage Emporium, revamping it into one of those next-door cafes where we all love to go, calling it the Cottage Café. Somehow, I had high hopes seeing how well The Smoothie Factory had been doing off late.

My first visit to the very first outlet of Smoothie Factory was years ago, when it opened up in Epicuria, Nehru Place, and I absolutely loved the waffles at the time.

However, my visit to this outlet didn’t match my expectations at all.

I ordered the following:

Choco Chip Waffles: Now these are healthier waffles, but even then, whatever batter one may use, waffles are expected to be crispy. Sadly, these weren’t. Secondly, being choco chip waffles, I was expecting a nice topping of choco chips, however there were some choco chips inside the batter itself. The yogurt served with it was watery so it didn’t serve the purpose.

Latte: I was quite happy to see they’d started a new range of hot and cold coffees. So we decided to order a large Latte. Unfortunately, my family and I didn’t like it even a bit. It was as if it was hot coffee flavoured milk.

Island Delight Smoothie: It had too much banana and honey so the flavour of the other fruits, especially pineapple was completely lost.

Cookie ‘n’ Cream Yogurt: I didn’t like the fact that they had only 4 options and those options too weren’t appealing. Anyway, my brother still decided to order one of them and I personally wasn’t happy with the flavour.

And although it’s a big café, there’s self-service. So I think some improvement there would be a good idea. Even if I go to a Café Coffee Day or a Costa, I place my order at the counter, take a seat and am served my order, so I think that would be a better direction to go in. And considering that there was no one except the 4 of us late in the evening, I don’t think it would have been be difficult to serve.

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3 thoughts on “The Cottage Cafe: Really Worth it?

  1. Dear Divya

    Thanks for coming in and sharing your feedback of our janpath outlet. Saddens me to know that an old customer like you wasnt satisfied with the products. Apologies for that. However, to clarify on a few things, it wouldve been highly appreciated if you wouldve asked the server to exchange your products if they werent made the right way. Youve had the waffles before, and agreeably they should be crisp from outside, soft from inside. A simple pointing out to the server wouldve gotten you a new waffle. Also, as for the banana being extra, since we use real fruits and not pre packaged ingredients, the quantity of fruits within a smoothie is not always the same. Even if the banana is 10% extra than its supposed to be, it overpowers all other tastes. Had you pointed that out, your Smoothie wouldve been exchanged and you wouldve been given a new one, without any questions. There are so many complaints in your review, simply saddens me that your visit wasnt how it was supposed to be. Since youve already tried us a few times earlier and you were happy about your visits, Im sure you could agree that it was a bad day for us, because i can guarantee that the products we serve are much better (and you know that too). A little bit consideration from your end would be highly appreciated. Even though you know we’re better than that, your review is solely based on the latest experience you had, on a bad day for us. Slightly more consideration from your end, wouldve been highly appreciated. Nonetheless, as we’ve talked before, you know our products are supposed to be much better than before and I apologize for the latest experience you had.


    Arjun Khera


    1. Hi Arjun, when all products served at once are not satisfactory, I wouldn’t make an effort to get them all exchanged. And no, I don’t know if you’re better than that because there wasn’t a thing I was happy about and a second visit now is a distant dream. And reviews usually are based on a single visit, a restauranteur of your stature must know that. And based on your reply, since you’ve mentioned twice that I should be more considerate, I suggest that it would be great if you and your staff are more considerate towards customers in providing them better products. As for your comments on the smoothie, if the banana overpowers the taste of other fruits, even if there are other fruits, it automatically becomes a banana smoothie so I don’t see the point of adding so many things to it and having all these options on the menu is quite useless. And about the Latte, I understand how it’s made and having had this particular coffee at many coffee chains, it has never been this bad. If I wanted to have a milkshake, I would have got that instead of asking for a coffee. And rather I should be sorry that it was a bad day for you guys but sadly I’m the one who had to bear with it.


  2. Divya,

    Also. Apologies for another comment. Regarding Latte, a latte is a type of coffee made with espresso shot and milk only. What exactly was wrong with the latte? Did you feel there was coffee powder and not espresso shot? Because espresso with milk, would actually taste like coffee flavored milk. Whereas a Cappuccino is half water half milk with espresso. I’m sure, a blogger of your stature already knows this. The other way it could taste like that is when someone uses instant coffee powder instead of espresso. We grind beans on the spot, as opposed to using instant coffee, so the instant coffee taste can be ruled out. It’ll be great if you could elaborate a little on this?


    Arjun Khera


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