Street Food Fine Dining Style!

Hawkers; a term usually associated with peddlers has attained a new meaning through Café Hawkers. Started by the 4th Generation of the same family that opened up Gola, which was an innovatory of its time and is still doing quite well at many locations. To take the family legacy strongly ahead, Café Hawkers is the perfect way.

This contemporary café with its á la mode interiors, being chic and alluring gives a very homely feeling. It’s like you’re sitting in your own living room with loved ones, having a nice chat, laughing your time away. The menu consists of various cuisines but the eye-catching dishes are of course the ones right off the street but with unbelievable innovation.

I tried the following dishes,

Paneer Tikka Stuffed: Two separate soft and well-cooked slices of paneer joined by a spinach stuffing and served with a mint chutney. This dish was delicious.

Chatpati Kamal Kakdi Ki Chaat: One of their USPs, this dish was somewhere between a sev puri and a papdi chaat, as it had all the ingredients of a sev puri but also added to it was some yogurt to give it that extra punch. But the best part of the use of lotus stem instead of papdi.

Hawkers Special Tikki: A big bowl, filled with a big delectable tikki topped with lots of curd and chutneys. Even the sheer size of it could make one love the dish already by looking at it.

Kiwi Delight: One of their signature mocktails, it had two distinct flavours and was truly a delight.


Some other notable dishes,

Butter Chicken Pizza: The perfect butter chicken put on top of a cheesy, thin crust pizza. It can’t get better than this.

Sukha Mutton With Parantha: As the name suggests, a huge quantity of well-cooked and spiced mutton was placed on top of a thin parantha and covered on all sides with it. It was extremely good.

Now the service was a bit of a miss, they took a long time to get the dishes and the servers were quite confused while taking the orders. I would have loved this place a lot more had the service been any better.

Cafe Hawkers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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