Kebab Gali

Delhi has been experiencing a revolution in the food industry, with so many new, innovative and beautiful cafés coming up every other day. But what we’re leaving behind is our own, dear cuisines and running towards Italian, Chinese, Mexican or even Armenian. Gone are those days when eating out meant going to a nice North Indian restaurant and having a big meal of Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Rumali Roti and Gajar ka Halwa. Somewhere because of the lack of demand, new traditional North India restaurants are becoming quite rare. However the old popular ones seems to be doing quite well among their regulars. Even when new North India restaurants open up, they have a fancy twist to them and this makes me think, are we forgetting that traditional form of food, that Punjabi style and a wholesome approach to food?

To an extent, we are. But then there are new restaurants like kebab gali that serve the kind of food I’m talking about. Now being a vegetarian does limit your choices, but it’s good to know that there can be so many good options with vegetarian food as well. On the other hand the non-vegetarian food was quite amazing, especially the Dohra Kebab, a kebab in which chicken skin is filled with mutton, hence subtly mixing the two while retaining the individual tastes. In vegetarian, the soya tikka was a star, nicely marinated, slightly low on spices and cooked perfectly. The paneer tikka was soft and had a similar marination as that of the soya tikka. The dahi kebab was extremely soft and light, although it was a little sweet. The starters were definitely the high point and I loved them more than the main course. The dessert options are also pretty good.

The service was top-notch and the interiors quite unexpected. It doesn’t give that feeling of a proper North Indian restaurant but a café, so this illusion might actually be beneficial.

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