Nashik: The Land Of Vineyards!

About Nashik

Nashik is a city in Maharashtra, situated on the western edge on the Deccan Plateau. It’s at a height of 2300 feet above sea level, being one of the highest cities in the state of Maharashtra and in India.

Some of the major attractions include:

1) Panchavati

2) Someshwar Temple

3) Coin Museum

4) Ramshej Fort

5) Gangapur Dam

6) Sula Vineyard

7) York Vineyard

How to get there

If you’re coming from Mumbai, Pune or the nearby towns, the easiest way is to either take a bus or a cab. You could take the train as well.

What to do

There are a number of attractions in Nashik. It’s a pious place for religious purposes. It’s one of the cities where the Kumbh mela happens every 6 years. Otherwise it has a number of dams and forts. The wine industry is also booming in the city with majority of the wine production in India happening here.

A little more about the vineyards

Wine grapes weren’t planted in Nashik but around the year 1994, Stanford educated Rajeev Samant came back to India and started farming on his family estate in Nashik. Upon realizing the potential in the land to grow grapes, he was surprised that no one was growing wine grapes here and there was no one making wine in Nashik. He brought varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc and made the first plantation on his estate in January 1996. It takes about 2 to 2 1/2 years for the vineyards to grow properly and start bearing good quality grapes. The first harvest was in the year 1999 and Rajeev Samant’s first wine was made in the 2000. Thus, Sula Vineyards was established.

Sula Vineyard: the hidden paradise!

The Sula Vineyard is an exquisite and irresistible estate. As soon as you enter, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of it; with grapes growing on either sides, the charming structure of the buildings right ahead, the tasting room with a gorgeous balcony with the view of the vineyard and the restaurant in the corner serving a delectable spread. You can opt for the tour and tasting session for just Rs. 350. This tour happens every other hour from morning to evening. The tour includes an informative session during off-season and if you go at the right time, you can see the live making of wine. The tour ends with a tasting usually of 6 different wines. Here’s a list of the wines at one such tasting session:

  1. Sula Brut Tropical: A sparkling white wine with the taste of apple.
  2. Reisling: A variety of white wine with a hint of lemon. It has the lowest alcohol content among wines.
  3. Dindori Reserved Viognier: Another variety of white wine with a taste of peach and litchi. It has a higher alcohol content as compared to Reisling.
  4. Dindori Reserved Shiraz: A red wine with a deep red colour and a dry, woody flavour. This is because it’s stored in barrels of American oak wood.
  5. Rasa Shiraz: Another variety of red wine with a woody taste, but less than that in Dindori Reserved Shiraz. It’s stored in French oak wood barrels. It has got a smoky, spicy taste with a hint of vanilla. This wine is good for health, especially for those with cholesterol problems. It’s even better for women as it makes their skin glow. But it must be consumed up to 150 ml a day.
  6. Late Harvested White Wine: This is the one and only dessert wine available at the Sula Vineyard. It’s comparatively sweet with a slight hint of honey.

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The restaurant at the Sula Vineyard too, is quite a delight. The interiors are done up beautifully, with a lot of attention given to intricate details. And the food, well it is heavenly. And if you’re a wine lover, it can’t get better than this.

Sula also owns a resort behind the vineyard, so if you can spend some extra bucks, you must not miss this amazing opportunity.


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