Revisiting Old Memories In New Ways

Hudson lane never ceases to amaze me. I already had a lot of favourites there such as Ricos, Woodbox Café. QD’s, YOLO 21 and The Big Yellow Door just walking distance from these. I spent a majority of my student life in this lane, even though I was studying in South Campus. The feeling of this place is irreplaceable. As soon as I entered the lane, pangs of nostalgia hit me but this time I wanted to try one of the new places. And so I did. I went to The Hudson Café. It was around 12pm and I was the first one to arrive for the day, as it was 26th January. But soon, the whole place was brimming with energy with people entering every few minutes and occupying the remaining tables.

What impressed me the most, was the kind of time and money spent on the interiors. Every wall was painted beautifully and could tell a story. The service was impeccable and I was taken care of well. The menu was quite vast and the prices so reasonable. I decided to order the following items:

Starting with soups, salads and starters,

Cream of Mushroom: This soup was absolutely delicious. So creamy that I couldn’t resist and finished the entire bowl almost immediately.

Mexican Salad: Surprisingly, this café has a good variety of salads. And these days students are calorie conscious and so it’s a must. This particular salad was delectable with all my favourite ingredients; lettuce, olives, bell pepper and nachos. The dressing was just perfect.

Cheese Cigars: This was the dish of the day. A lightly fried, spring roll like, thin batter with a cheese and corn filling with little coriander bits. It was heavenly.

For main course,

Spaghetti in Peri Peri Sauce: A rich, tangy peri peri sauce and well-cooked spaghetti with an addition of olives, I quite liked it.

On the side,

Malted Chocolate Shake: With so many options in shakes, I couldn’t resist but order this one as I’m a chocolate lover. And I was glad I did. It was as chocolatey as the menu makes it sound.

Brownie & Cookie Shake: A nice, sweet brownie and cookie shake with bits of cookies in it. It’s definitely a treat for brownie lovers.

Sex on the Beach: I was actually quite full but a staff member recommended this drink and I tried it. It was pretty good.

And finally for dessert,

Waffle Sundae: A meal is incomplete without dessert and that too when there’s waffles on the menu, it demands to be ordered. The waffles were nice and fresh with lots of chocolate sauce, choco chips and ice-cream.

All in all, I had a great experience. And for the other cafes in the lane, you’ve got some serious competition!

The Hudson Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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