The Only Automobile-Free Hill Station of Asia!

A little about Matheran

Matheran is a beautiful hill station in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It’s the smallest hill station in India. It’s located in the Western Ghats at a height of approx. 2600 feet. It’s about 90 kms away from Mumbai and 120 kms away from Pune. And a unique thing about this lovely hill station is that it’s Asia’s only automobile-free hill station. It’s the perfect place to experience the sunrise and sunset with a total of 28 points to explore.

How to get there

If you’re going to Matheran from Mumbai, it’s going to be quite easy. Just take a local from Dadar to Neral. From Neral, there are two options; you can either take the toy train (which might not be functional for a few months of the year, so check in advance) or take a shared cab up to a point and walk from there. The toy train of course would be an exciting experience but it takes longer to reach but on the brighter side, it takes you through all of Matheran, passing through some crucial points from where the view is breathtaking. The cab on the other hand is pretty convenient; it takes less time and you have the option to walk your way through the astonishing hill station. And an important advice; while taking the local, make sure you’ve checked the timings in advance because you don’t want to get stuck. There are very few trains going that way and coming back.

What to do

Well, just walk around. This place is absolute bliss for those who love to walk. It has a vast forest area. The air is fresh and pure and you will never hear a single honk of an automobile. It’s a distant dream for the city people, but it can come true at Matheran. Or just take a horse ride; it’s fun and convenient.

And yes, eat all you want. This tiny place has got some delicious food, better than the nearby cities. Have a gola, or a Frankie or some pao bhaji and enjoy some tea in the cold weather. But beware; there are lots of monkeys there so save your food.

Now pack your bags and plan your trip to Matheran, it’s definitely worth a visit. And it’s an easy day trip from Mumbai or Pune.

Bon Voyage!


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