NOVEL AND FEMINIST: Delhi’s first ‘women only’ Liquor store

In today’s India where the ideas of gender equality are still in progress to achieve the end goal, and the women independence is nothing more than the most watched videos of famous Bollywood actors explaining people that, Yes it is for real, a new liquor store has paved the way to that route of promoting feminism in the most oddly inspiring manner. After “women only” Metro coaches and odd even exemptions, a Liquor store has emerged on the same lines of being exclusively for “women only”. Now gone are the days when the females had to be dependent on their male counterparts to get some booze from the “thekas”.


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The “women only” liquor store is located in the Star City Mall of East Delhi comes with two demarcated sections–one that is open to all, and the other that caters only to women. Furnished with a set of fancy interiors, a sofa and well-maintained glass walls, the women’s section of the liquor store is a novelty in itself as per a report published by The Indian Express.

Surely this is the best place for all the women who want to keep themselves out of the male-dominated scanner of our society and fulfil their craving for vodkas’ and martinis!


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