Second Time Lucky!

The California Boulevard is one of those rare restaurants that stand out in the subtlest way, without the pomp and show of many newbies. Although its existence in Rajouri Garden has been quite prominent, but the Gurgaon outlet is only over a year old. And it’s such a beauty! The location may not be the best, because of the metro station, so sometimes the crowd outside the restaurant may not be the best, but on the other hand, the connectivity makes it extremely convenient. And for someone who has their office nearby, this place is just perfect for a nice lunch with the team or quiet date with your loved one.

The interiors are impressive, starting from the bike placed right outside the door, to the Californian bus like bar and the different kinds of seating arrangements suitable for all occasions. This place will make you go all the way to Hollywood. The service is a big hit. The staff is courteous and since they’ve changed the chef, things have only gotten better.

The menu is vast, with multiple cuisines, from North Indian to Pan Asian to Mexican. And all of this too, has some kind of innovation, so it’s not any other regular menu. The cocktail menu too has it’s own twist, with special mixes.

These are some of the things I tried and would definitely recommend:

Dilli Ki Chaat: A meal at The California Boulevard is incomplete without their signature dish. The chaat is tastier than any other one you would have come across. The spinach leaves are fried just right, without any residual taste of the batter and the chutneys are added in the right quantity to the curd. This is a must have.

Sushi Paneer: This dish was so delicately made with a filling of spinach and cheese and an outer cover of a thing layer of paneer with some gram flour.

Spanakopita Cheese: A filling of cheese and spinach and a thin, crispy outer layer of flour, this appetizer was certainly appetizing.

Ganderi Kebab: Minced chicken served on a sugarcane stick, dipped in tamarind chutney in a shot glass, served with mint chutney and yoghurt dip. The presentation is enough to impress and the taste just wins your heart over.

Lahori Fish Tikka: A tender fish tikka with a hint of ajwain. This dish was so soft that one could not stop after a bite.

Peanut Butter Chicken: Having something as innovative as this on the menu is an achievement in itself and when it tastes this good, it’s just perfect.

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kofta: This dish was the star of the day. The kofta was absolutely delicious and the gravy was another star all by itself.

Chipotle Naan: As soon as I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to order it. And what a great choice it was. It was slightly spicy and full of flavour.

Cheese and Olive Kulcha: Another one of their innovations, and what a great deal it was. This is a dish, which is enough all by itself, no need of accompaniments. It was just delectable!

TCB Gazzak Kulfi: One of the best desserts I’ve had at a restaurant. A nice, tasty pista kulfi covered with a thin layer of chocolate, in the shape of a dome. To add to the experience, the server gets a blowtorch to melt the chocolate just right, so that it melts just a little but the kulfi stays nice and frozen.

All in all, I had a great experience and would love to visit again!

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